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Peergame is a cryptocurrency casino running on BSV Blockchain. Given this, the only deposit and withdrawal option is via Bitcoin SV. The casino has four provably fair, on-chain games that are set apart from other games you can find in other casinos.

Peergame: A BSV Blockchain-Run Portal with Unique Games

Peergame is a provably fair online casino that wholly runs on the BSV Blockchain. It comes with its distinct proprietary on-chain games that let players witness a new, rewarding crypto casino experience.

Compared to other Crypto-powered gambling sites, Peergame is new on the market. The team of great and creative minds launched this site in 2019, and has since then continued improving it by launching newer games.

But this Blockchain casino doesn’t let its age come in the way of success. Currently available in the English language and without a gaming license, Peergame is off to an impressive start in showcasing how the BSV Blockchain can be utilized in the massive iGaming industry.

Provably Fair, On-Chain Betting Games

Players looking for the usual games found in online casinos like slots, blackjack, and poker are missing in this casino. This, however, is not a reason to dislike Peergame. For what it lacks in the number of widely available casino games, it makes up for with four unique betting games.

This BSV casino initially rolled out with two games: Bitto and Turtle Race. It has gradually added more titles, first with Ladder Game, and was shortly followed by Monkey’s Flag.


Bitto is the typical lottery game. There are no fancy tricks or animations – just a straightforward online lottery. The features that set this game apart, though, are its convenience, speed, and transparency.

Like all the other games onboard, Bitto runs on the Blockchain and is available for users to manually verify the fairness of every draw. But these are not all. For only 0.007 BSV (~0.60 USD), players can buy a ticket and join the draw. The more tickets the players get, the higher their chances are to win. Players can buy up to 999 tickets per transaction. But there appears no limit to how many tickets players can buy for a single draw.

The rewards for Bitto are not even something to laugh at. The first-place and second-place winners get a share of the jackpot prize pool, while the third and fourth-places get consolation prizes:

  • 1st Place wins 85% of the Jackpot
  • 2nd Place wins 15% of the Jackpot
  • 3rd Place wins 0.21 BSV (1 ticket x 30)
  • 4th Place wins 0.07 BSV (1 ticket x 10)

Draws take place every 16 hours or every time the blockchain generates 100 blocks. Each time no one wins the jackpot, the prize adds up to the pool. In fact, a lucky player already won the whopping 110.745 BSV jackpot in September 2019.

Turtle Race

For players who don’t have the patience to wait for roughly 16 hours, Turtle Race is the best alternative. Provably fair and on-chain, this game starts a new race every two minutes. It has simple game mechanics that don’t requite any form of strategy. Players must bet on one of the three turtles – Yellow, Red, or Blue – and whoever bets on the turtle that first reaches the finish line wins.

A bet on a single race requires a minimum bet of 0.02 BSV. But for those who want to maximize the winning multiplier of 2.94x, they can wager at most 1 BSV in every race. Players who place a max bet and wins find the 2.94 BSV prize delivered back to their wallet.

Ladder Game

If Turtle Race is still not the right game for some, then they should check out Ladder Game. What makes this game different is that players have equal chances to win and lose. Players must simply choose whether the ball will drop on the Left side or the Right side. A correct guess will instantly almost double the bet, thanks to this game’s 1.96x multiplier. Ladder Game starts a new round every one minute and requires bets from 0.4 BSV to 1.2 BSV.

Monkey’s Flag

This game is the newest creation added to Peergame. It amplifies excitement as the monkey potentially changes the color of the chosen flag. Players have 40 seconds to decide which flag to bet on as well as whether or not the monkey will raise a different flag. One bet is equal to 0.004 BSV, which is great for micro betting.


Baccarat is the latest game added to Peergame’s growing library of casino games. Like its other games, Baccarat is 100% provably fair and provides instant payouts. It also does not require registration. What is great about this game is that it uses the HashCoin algorithm to mix transaction IDs in order to create and ensure randomness of results. This game also utilizes the Fisher-Yates Shuffle algorithm to generate the order of the cards in a random manner.

Fast Bets and Transfer of Wins

Keep in mind that all the games on Peergame run on the BSV Blockchain, which means there is absolutely zero need for players to make a deposit and request a withdrawal. Players simply need to send their bets from a BSV wallet (but not from a custodial wallet) straight to the wallet address or the QR code shown on the game’s interface. If they win, players will receive their prize straight to the same BSV wallet.


Everyone looking for fast-paced and fun online betting should give all the games on Peergame a try. BSV players are sure to find this casino a priority as not only does it accept BSV, but it also puts to action the prowess of the BSV Blockchain.

While there are currently no bonuses or promotions on board, the Peergame team may come up with a few surprises soon. But what’s certain is that this BSV casino may soon add at least one more provably fair, on-chain game, which will only boost Peergame’s appeal.


  • Has provably fair, on-chain games
  • Ensures fast transfer of wins and bets
  • Promotes anonymous betting
  • Supports mobile gaming


  • Has no bonuses
  • Has no BSV faucet